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The kitchen is often considered the beating heart of a household, and for good reason. In most homes, the kitchen is where the family converge and congregates. As such you not only need beautiful furniture but functional furniture that’s sturdy enough to withstand the stress and strains of family life. Instyle Furniture offers a huge selection of Irish made dining furniture. These finely crafted pieces of furniture are made from the finest materials and built to the highest of standards.

Dining Tables

In a home or business, a dining table invariably becomes the focal point of a room. They are also used for a variety of different purposes. Instyle Furniture understands that a dining table not only needs to look good but it also has to be made from strong durable materials. All Instyle Furniture’s dining tables are finely crafted and come in a range of beautiful wood finishes. From dark shades to light, we’ve got it in our extensive selection. No matter how eclectic your tastes, Instyle Furniture is sure to have the right dining table for your home or business.


Instyle Furniture stocks a huge selection of dining table chairs and bar stools. No matter how classical or contemporary your taste, Instyle Furniture is sure to have the right chair set for your kitchen or dining area. Why not take the hassle out of furniture selection and let Instyle Furniture supply you with an entire kitchen set. With one of our customer service representatives to guide you, you’re sure to get right kitchen chairs to complement your dining room table.

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